Radiant skin from less stress

Discover our vegan body serum with the unique "3AGR" care formula made from adaptogens.

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ADAPTOGEN 3AGR Stress Relief Edition

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Our special 3AGR formulation contains three very active, adaptogenic substances for your skin:

Adaptogens increase the skin's ability to better adapt to stress symptoms and to achieve balance on its own.

  • Guggul

    Reduces and balances skin irritations.

  • Rhodolia Rosea

    As a phyto-active ingredient, it promotes relaxation, anti-stress and wellness effects on the skin.

  • Ashwagandha

    Used in traditional Ayurveda for inner peace, more energy and vitality.

Natural well-being: Our founding story

My own positive experience with adaptogens inspired me to create our body serum.

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