frequently asked Questions


What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are special plant extracts from natural medicine and Ayurveda to support and restore the natural balance.

What does "3AGR" mean in the Stress Relief formulation?

When developing skin care with adaptogens, we focused on using a selection of a maximum of three selected adaptogenic substances in order to obtain the most balanced, calm formula possible in terms of the main focus of action. In this case with the aim of stress adaptation. From the doctrine of salvation with adaptogens, we know that their clever interaction can intensify the desired effects, but mixtures with more than 3-5 different active ingredients are sometimes viewed critically.

How long can I use the Adaptogen Body Serum?

In principle, there is no time limit for an application and we are not aware of any side effects of the ingredients. However, one should know that adaptogens only show their full effect slowly, even in cosmetic formulations, so that an application period of 6-8 weeks should not be undercut.

Can I also use the body serum on my face?

Yes, that is possible. None of the ingredients are just tolerable for the body. As with any other facial care product, you should stop using it immediately if you experience intolerance such as redness or itching.