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Press release 15.11.2021

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New natural cosmetics label from Munich brings the hype about adaptogens as a skincare concept to Germany

In Hollywood we have known for some time about the special effect of adaptogens in skin care products for the face and body. Actresses like Mandy Moore, Olivia Wilde or Maggie Gyllenhaal rave about great skin thanks to plant-based cosmetics with adaptogens.
In creams, serums and oils, they play off their secondary plant substances such as polyphenols, flavonoids or withanolides, which can influence the complexion. Adaptogens have extremely good anti-aging properties, delay the onset of many negative effects of aging and have a rejuvenating effect on stressed organs.

This is what the label stands for: With her body serum, the Munich founder relies above all on the stress-balancing effect of adaptogens and on a holistic lifestyle. The first product was developed and produced in Germany with a specially developed anti-stress adaptogen formula. Only vegan ingredients were used in the texture, because what you absorb through the skin is just as important to the label as nutrition or exercise. CUhealthy stands for tested effectiveness, natural ingredients and sustainable results.

This is very special: Through her personal story, the founder came up with the idea of combining adaptogenic skin care products and a holistic lifestyle as the basis for health resilience: A skin care product that was suddenly taken off the market without replacement had significantly improved your well-being in stressful times. She found out that adaptogenic active ingredients must be responsible for this and looked for a laboratory with which she developed her own recipe. For the founder, skin care must not only be convincing in terms of content, but also be packaged beautifully. Their eye-catching bamboo bottles add a touch of luxury to any bathroom. You should definitely try your yoga body skin exercises, which will soon be available in online tutorials.