Adaptogene für mein Super-Ich: Wie funktioniert das?

Adaptogens for my super-me: how does it work?

Some plants fight stress and aggression better than others in their natural environment. Did you know that we too can benefit from their stress-fighting benefits? Athletes are always looking to get the best out of themselves, to be able to perform at their best without doping, without addictive stimulants such as coffee or amphitamines. With this mission, Russian researchers were first commissioned in the 1940s to find active plant ingredients that were supposed to do just that. And they struck gold: They discovered the untold benefits of certain plants to relieve stress and increase physical performance for its athletes and chess players. Seventy years later, these super potent plants have found their place in our lifestyle. Various health gurus from the USA propagated the superpowers of adaptogens for well-being and beauty early on; only recently have we in Europe been more and more inspired and infected by these special plants.


What do adaptogenic plants do for our stress levels?

There are different types of plants, berries or mushrooms with an adaptogenic effect. The best known are ginseng, ashwagandha or cordyzeps and come from all over the world. What these plants all have in common is that they naturally have increased resistance, which allows them to adapt to stress or extraordinary exertion due to their natural habitat. An "adaptogenic plant" must meet three invariable criteria: 1. exhibit no toxicity traits, 2. exhibit a global (rather than targeted) response, and 3. help the body regain homeostasis; H. establish one's inner state of balance without any form of stress, be it biological, environmental, physical or emotional. Once converted, usually in powder form, adaptogenic plants transmit their stress-reducing benefits, often in the form of dietary supplements, to the human consuming them. Thus, an organism exposed to a negative stimulus such as fear, fatigue or loss of concentration will more easily find a positive response when supported by the action of an adaptogen. Resilience is the magic word that we all wish for.


What Are the Stress Reducing Effects of Adaptogens?

Although they all act on the body as a whole, each of these magical plants has an effect peculiar to its condition. Some balance the immune system, such as Reishi, a medicinal mushroom used particularly in China and Japan, others primarily reduce emotional stress, such as Ashwagandha, or restore energy and vitality to the body, such as Maca, a Peruvian root commonly referred to as "Peruvian ginseng". . Due to the harmonizing effect of adaptogens, body reactions are regulated, damage caused by stress is minimized and the hormone system is positively influenced. Adaptogenic medicinal plants are alkaline and therefore have a regulating effect on the acid-base balance. As antioxidants, they protect the cells from oxidative stress and some even stimulate the power plants of the cells (mitochondria) to produce more energy. Above all, an adaptogen strengthens the self-healing and self-regulation of the body and helps it to better resolve imbalances by reducing stress.


What do adaptogens do in herbal cosmetics?

Stress and imbalances are also noticeable very quickly on our skin and hair. The challenges of everyday life quickly make us look old. Pale skin, lackluster hair and poor tone are often the result. The cosmetically processed, secondary plant active ingredients such as polyphenols, flavonoids or terpenes can affect the complexion. Adaptogen plants are therefore able to contain external damage caused by stress. They give our skin cells impulses for regeneration and new formation, prevent drying out and make the skin more supple. Adaptogenic botanicals used in synergy turn into true wellness and anti-stress boosters, such as the combination Ashwagandha, Guggul and Rhodiola Rosea used in our adaptogenic beauty body serum 3AGR Stress Relief.

This specially developed formulation of our founder was developed to promote skin balance. But the adaptogenic care formula is not only a power pack for the body - the revitalizing ingredients also do their job for the face with pale, mature and stressed skin.

This herbal cosmetic, which is best used twice a day, takes part in the entire beauty process and well-being. As powerful as adaptogens are, they should not be used as a substitute for a healthy and balanced lifestyle when taken internally or applied topically.

Nevertheless, they offer a wealth of important functions within the framework of a self-care and holistic life. In this sense: Adaptogen your life*

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