Routinen: Wie gelingt es mir Wohlfühlmomente regelmäßig in meinen Alltag zu integrieren?

Routines: How can I regularly integrate feel-good moments into my everyday life?

If you've wondered this before, read on...
Find out how you can always make time for things
that make you happy and content. Be it a daily walk along the
fresh air, a round of yoga, time for your loved ones or just a good one
Read a book.

It's a bit like our New Year's resolutions, most of them are already a thing of the past after the first week of January. No matter how hard you try, it's almost always possible to lose your way because of changing schedules, traveling, your child unexpectedly getting sick, or a new overtime at work.

That's unsatisfactory, isn't it? Your inner voice whispers to you:
Consistency is the key to success - in every area of your life; be it maintaining relationships, your health and fitness, your beauty or your career.
So why am I not succeeding in integrating my good intentions into my everyday life?
Don't worry, every problem has a solution! So let's look at what you can do to put your resolutions into practice:

The routines - integration
What are the most important qualities to successfully integrate your routine into your everyday life? What science says on this topic and how you can get closer to your progress with targeted questions. It is best to have a piece of paper and a pen at hand to answer the following questions for yourself:

• What are you dissatisfied with and what would you like to change in general?
• Why do you want to change that?
• How do you put your decision into action?
• Ask yourself when - where - and how often you want to carry out your project?
• What do you need to do to adapt your routine to your current needs and everyday life?

Routines: Tips from behavioral and brain research: Decide on ONE routine at the beginning, the most important routine for YOU!
Would you like to start with a thousand things and change everything? Rather than working on too many changes at once, it is more effective to rank them in order of importance and implement and address them step by step. It motivates when you have completed a project!
When this routine is in place, you can tackle and master the next routine. Researchers from England have found that it takes an average of 66 days to develop a new healthy routine - so be patient, but stay tuned.

Set a fixed period of time for YOUR routine!
What day would you like to exercise your routine? At what time? For how long? How many times a week? The more precisely you define your goal, the easier it will be to implement it. So set it once and go for it. This will make it easier for you in stressful everyday life, because you will then know exactly what you have to do.

Integrate your new routine into your everyday life
Your new routine should be as easy as brushing your teeth every day. We don't think about it anymore, we just do it. This is exactly how you should handle your project. Integrate your routine as it fits into your everyday life. Put yourself in your emotional world and use your imagination. Our brain cannot distinguish between reality and imagination, work with this incredible superpower. Imagine how it would feel
to have already integrated your routine into everyday life!
Now you have everything you need to start your project today, here and now, and to carry it through in the long term. You will see how easy it will be for you in a few weeks as soon as you see and feel the first positive results.

Active implementation of routines
Most importantly, stick with it, even if there will be days when you won't feel like going about your routine. But these days are crucial for your success! It's not always about whether you like it or not. But why you even started with it
are you? Keep your "why" in mind. There's obviously a reason you wanted to start with it in the first place. Think about what your routine will bring in the long term for the future. Also consider what will happen if you don't go through with it. Then decide how you want to feel in the future? The pain of regret or the current one
pain of pulling through? You decide, solely and alone!
A little tip on the side, involve a good friend or your partner. Share your plan and goals. Exchange and the knowledge of others can also spur you on to see your project through. You might even get one or two extra tips. Maybe you start a routine together that is good for both of you and has a positive effect on yours
give a sense of life!

Important: Regular questioning of routines
When the time comes, we should also ask ourselves again and again whether our routines still bring the desired joy and satisfaction in everyday life - or whether we should rethink some things in the process and for our goals.

We wish you a lot of success in implementing your routine(s) for the first time!
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