Schlank durch Adaptogene – Abnehmen mit Ashwagandha, Rhaponticum & Co.?

Slimming through adaptogens - losing weight with Ashwagandha, Rhaponticum & Co.?

How can we use the power of adaptogenic plants for our weight management - we will tell you in this blog.

The most common reasons for weight gain are often a combination of aging, a natural slowing of metabolism and declining hormone levels and a concomitant loss of muscle mass.
If you combine these conditions with too little exercise, stress and a nutrient-poor diet, weight problems will inevitably arise that are difficult to get under control without countermeasures.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress is one of the biggest
Health hazards of the 21st century Stress can cause damage on all levels of the body: the vegetative-hormonal control circuit of the nervous system gets confused, inflammation develops in the body
Body, digestive or cardiovascular problems through to cancer.
First of all, stress has long been recognized as a very important cause of weight gain, and we know how much we tend to grab sugar and simple carbohydrates during times of stress rather than indulge in whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Adaptogens sustainably support weight control
And this is exactly where adaptogenic plant active ingredients can help:
For example, ashwagandha and rhaponticum are known to increase anabolic metabolism and maintain and build muscle mass during periods of weight loss or periods of increased catabolic activity such as high levels of stress or exercise.
In fact, it's been argued that herbal medicine, good nutrition, and adequate exercise produce better results than dieting and excessive exercise. Vitality and well-being should always be in the foreground, otherwise yo-yo effects are quickly inevitable.
In a permanently tense situation, people lose a lot of life energy. All this happens when the so-called homeostasis - the balance of the natural bodily functions - is disturbed, i. H. the person is no longer able to adapt their reaction to a stressor and the dynamic balance and self-regulation are unstable
will. And this is exactly where the most important benefits of adaptogenic plants come into play: Adaptogems help us back into self-regulation with their ability to harmonize stress-related metabolic changes and increased stress hormone levels
and prevent.


Sound good right? But which adaptogens are particularly suitable for this?

Rhodiola rosea, for example, boosts fat metabolism, rhaponticum is said to have properties that increase protein synthesis, which has a positive effect on the muscle-fat ratio, and licorice root protects against stress-related weight gain through cortisol modulation. Maca is also said to have adoptogenic properties due to its hormone-balancing effect and as an energy source. Ginseng is one of the oldest and most studied adaptogens that helps reduce weight by increasing energy expenditure.

Too much stress to lose weight?
When our metabolism is out of balance due to chronic stress, adaptogens can help reduce the negative effects of stress in general. In addition, supportive relaxation exercises with yoga, meditation, stress-reducing body care and sufficient sleep help.
Adaptogens have an anabolic effect, i.e. they strengthen the entire body by giving the cells access to more adaptation energy. In stressful situations, its highly effective antioxidants protect our cells against oxidative stress and have a positive effect on the body's own energy production. The regulation of the hormone cortisol also plays a major role in weight loss.
Adaptogens have been shown to help you cope better with external and internal stressors and maintain good energy levels. This supports every form of weight management and, in addition to sufficient exercise and a healthy diet, you can make an important contribution.

How to start
As with any form of weight reduction, one should not turn all the adjustment screws at the same time according to the principle "a lot helps a lot". Even a few changes in everyday life can have a positive effect and can usually be implemented more consistently.
Also, one should not try too many adaptogenic agents at once, but start with a favorite plant. This can also be, for example, the tried-and-tested Moonmilk with Ashwagandha in the evening for better sleep, or the energy latte macchiato in the morning with Suma. Or you can simply add your favorite adaptogen to your breakfast cereal for several weeks and see how it goes. Adaptogens are not dependent
substances, they need a bit of patience - at least 4-6 weeks - until an effect sets in. External support in the form of body care is also suitable for weight loss in several respects: It can start with adaptogenic care such as our 3AGR Stress Relief, through soothing massage techniques and special yoga asanas to counteract stress. Remember, a stressed body doesn't want weight
lose. If you are looking for more suggestions on how to use adaptogens and would like to have your questions answered, contact our Newsletter an.

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